DC Advisory: We saw an opportunity to build a stronger European team

When DC Advisory Partners moved office – we didn’t see a new phone system; we saw an opportunity to change the way they communicate.

An office move is often the spark that initiates a conversation with IP Solution and DC Advisory Partners were no different. IP Solutions undertook a detailed analysis of current business communications and future requirements and discovered an opportunity for this growing international finance house to transform the way they collaborate and support their geographically dispersed team.

“Whereas our existing systems provided us with the basics, we knew it was no longer meeting the changing demands of the business.”


We saw a great opportunity for DC Advisory Partners to reimagine how they communicate, collaborate and connect their people and offices together. We saw an opportunity for their people to work smarter through leveraging all of the possibility of Unified Communications (UC) and video and to lay the foundation that would support future growth.


At the heart of the solution was a Hosted UC solution that enabled enhanced capabilities to be delivered not only to the new office, but across all locations including mobile and home workers.

The solution was further enhanced with video conferencing that allows greater and more effective collaboration between teams across all geographies.

To support this solution and enable mission critical connectivity between offices, IP Solutions also provide and manage a robust MPLS network between the DC Advisory Partners offices in London and Manchester.


“IP Solution’s broad range of communications services has enabled us to create a bespoke ‘best-in-breed’ solution that we simply could not have purchased off the shelf.”

The solutions provided by IP Solutions has enabled DC Advisory Partners to unify voice, data and video across the business. It enables for information to be shared and for teams to collaborate together far more frequently and effectively.

Users have embraced video conferencing, especially between the London and Manchester office, teams work closer, decisions are made faster and there has been a significant reduction in travel time and cost.

“IP Solutions provide us with a solution that has enabled our business to work that much smarter, as well as generating significant savings.”

With a solution that is available to any user in any locations, DC Advisory Partners are benefiting from greater mobility. With complete control of how their business communications work from a web-portal, they have far greater agility to adapt to changing business needs.

In addition to these benefits, the combined UC, Video and connectivity services provided are generating Total Cost of Ownership savings in excess of £190,000.

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